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NRA Carry Guard Level 1 Student Training

Short Description:

Whether you are new to the shooting/carrying world, or are an experienced person looking to expand your skill set, this multi-day course is designed to prepare gun owners to carry a firearm with confidence and competence.

More Details:

Includes: Safety and Weapons Awareness; Pistol Ready Positions; Fundamentals (stance, grip, holster draw, sight alignment, trigger press, recoil management, follow through, economy of motion, self-critique); Treating a Malfunction; Live Fire Progression Drills; Combat and Tactical Reloads; Drawing from a Holster; Low Light/No Light Shooting; Combat Reload while holding a Light; Key Components to Carrying a Concealed Weapon; Carry Location Options (i.e. waist, ankle, purse, etc.); Real World Scenario Based Training (Airsoft scenarios)

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